The Rohingya Refugee Crisis and Our Work

We are deeply troubled by the exodus of Rohingya people to Bangladesh from Myanmar.

For several years, Build a School in Burma has tried to find a way to help promote the education of Rohingya children. We have met with UN agencies, local and international NGOs as well as leaders in the Rohingya community. Due to the constantly changing situation and because the government has banned most NGOs and even UN agencies from Rakhine state, it has been impossible to establish effective relationships with villages and local partners to build a school.

With the majority of the Rohingya now in Bangladesh, we are continuing our attempts to work with NGOs helping Rohingya there. One idea is to establish a portable school that could be moved if and when the people move.

In the coming year Build a School in Burma will continue to construct schools in needy communities around Myanmar. Many, if not most, of the children who benefit from these new schools are members of minority groups. Minorities make up nearly 40% of the country’s population. Most continue to suffer deep poverty and discrimination, though their plight does not reach the international press. With your support, we will work to help them improve their lives.