Update: June 2022

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Public schools in Myanmar generally have not operated since the military coup in February 2021.  Normal operation of BSB became impossible due to widespread violence, the absence of functioning financial systems, restrictions on travel, the Covid-10 pandemic, and other unsafe conditions.  As a result, situations where BSB can help with new school buildings are now limited.

In spite of this, BSB managed to complete two projects in 2021, and has several more in progress in 2022.  The 2022 projects are in locations where schools are operating, construction can be safely done, and there is a need.

BSB has continued to support some initiatives for community based learning, and, alongside “Partners for Better Futures”, has supported various Myanmar people humanitarian relief actions.

BSB will continue to evaluate the situation, and will try to help the people of Myanmar as best we can.  We are open to opportunities to help in ways that are consistent with BSB’s mission and values and are safe.