Thin Ka Zar

Thin Ka Zar monastic school was badly in need of a new building for its over 150 students, as the only school building was just 30 by 40 feet. The school began operating as a primary school in 2008. By 2011 there were 94 students with 5 teachers, and by 2018 that had grown to 146 students with 9 teachers. Most classes were being conducted in the monastic buildings, but during religious events and celebrations classes were cancelled.

This school, like other monastic schools, generally serves the poorest children, who cannot afford the fees and uniform costs of the government run schools, or for whom the nearest government run schools are too far, especially for the youngest children.

The village is located in the Ayarwaddy region, about 11 hours by bus north-west of Yangon, 2 miles from Myaung Aung town. Some teacher salaries and other support are provided by our partner Phaung Daw Oo (PDO) monastic school, with whom BSB has previously partnered for other monastic schools. PDO and its abbot, U Nayaka, is known nationally for promoting high-quality child-centered education.

This new school building was built with the assistance of Build a School in Burma and the Thin Ka Zar monastic community and with the donations of Janaka Liyanage and Jennifer Chan.and her family and friends.  Opening ceremonies were conducted in August 2019.