Tet Tet Gu Preschool

The preschool for Tet Tet Gu village was held in a roughly-built structure with dirt floors and tarps as walls, not really suitable for a preschool. Nevertheless, 60 children from the age of 3 to 5 years attend.

Several years ago construction on a new building was started but never completed. The school committee asked for help to complete the unfinished building. BSB, with a donation from Dan Kipp, agreed to help complete the building to produce a proper and safe learning environment.

Tet Tet Gu village is quite hard to reach. From Myaung Mya town it is about 5 hours drive, and another 45 minutes by boat. BSB representatives visited in December 2019, and were told they were the first foreigners ever to visit.

There are over 2,300 residents of Tet Tet Gu village, in more than 350 households. The residents are active in supporting their community and their school. Most work for daily pay growing rice, or fishing, and a few farm their own land.

Construction was completed in December 2020, largely the result of the efforts of the enthusiastic and highly engaged people of Tet Tet Gu village, including parents, the school committee, and community leaders.