Tet Tet Gu High School

Students from Tet Tet Gu village and eight neighboring villages currently attend this middle school. Next year high school classes will be added, so students will be able to continue their education while living with their families. BSB helped construct a new building to make this possible.

There are over 2,300 residents, in more than 350 households. Villagers mostly work for daily pay growing rice, or by fishing. Only a few farm their own land.

The school began in 1977, and was self-supporting until 2017 when the government began providing support. There are now four school buildings. One was provided by the government last year. Three were built by the villagers own efforts. Of those, one is in poor condition and dangerous, and one is just made of bamboo and thatch. There are now 471 students, from kindergarten through grade 9. Next year, there will be more.

The village is quite hard to reach. From Myaung Mya town it is about 5 hours drive, and another 45 minutes by boat. When we visited in December 2019 we were told we were the first foreigners ever to visit. Although remote, reachable only by boat, the town is fairly sizable, and the residents are active in supporting community and their school.

Construction on the building began mid-2020 and was completed in December. It was built by the villagers of Tet Tet Gu and Build a School in Burma (BSB), with the donation of the Zweig family, Sacramento, California.