Taung Salei Myaung School

BSB constructed a new building with 6 classrooms to help The Taung Salei Myaung school provide safe learning space for its 452 students. Before this project, the school had only one 30' by 120’ building in good condition, one partially finished 30’ by 60’ building, and an old wooden building in poor condition. A new building was urgently needed to provide safe classrooms for this school’s students.

The village is in Dike Oo Township, Bago division. It is 2 ½ hour drive from Yangon.

The school was upgraded to a branch high school in 2017, and was upgraded to a high school (grades K through 10) in 2017. Students from primary and middle schools in 30 nearby villages rely on this high school.

The project was made possible largely through a major donation from Willis Phua, a long-time supporter and donor of BSB.

The Covid-19 epidemic began when this project was nearing completion, and this presented additional challenges, but work was safely completed. Drinking water facilities, latrines, and furniture were also provided.