Sham Phan Primary School

This primary school, grades kindergarten through 4, is vital for the children of this village, as the village is remote, the rugged roads are impassable during rains, and the nearby river is dangerous. Two small buildings had been made by the villagers own efforts, but were in very bad condition before BSB offered to help.

When the truck bringing construction materials broke down one mile from the village, men, women and children all came and carried bricks, roofing, cement, everything - by hand, motorbike, draft animals - whatever they could do.

There are four dedicated government supported teachers, who have all taught at this school for more than five years. Two ethnic language teachers, paid by the community, also help. The parents are committed to their children's education. What is needed was better and safer classrooms.

BSB was introduced to the school by Moe Moe, the brother of BSB's country director, Naing Lin Swe. Funds were donated by Dan Kipp, who visited the school in December 2019. Moe Moe is also helping oversee the project. Construction began in early 2020, and is expected to be completed by fall 2020.