San Chi West School

San Chi West is a 2 hour drive from Dawei, south of Yangon, Myanmar. It sits alongside the Tavoy River. The school has 72 students, from kindergarten through grade 7. A bamboo and thatch building was constructed through the villagers' own efforts, but because of storm damage it can no longer be used. The school committee asked for BSB's help to construct a new building that will be a safe, good quality learning environment.

The new school building is being built with the assistance of Build a School in Burma, with donations from Willis Phua (who visited the existing school) and his friends, family, and associates.

The brother of Naing Lin Swe, BSB's country director, lives nearby and is helping Naing oversee and monitor progress on this project. Construction began in early 2020, and is expected to be completed by fall 2020.