Pwe Hnyet San Middle School

Build a School in Burma helped this village build its first primary school in 2016. Children previously had to walk to other villages to attend school.  Silicon Valley tech start-up Boomerang donated the funds for Pwe Hnyet San Primary School.

In 2018 villagers erected a temporary wood and thatch building to begin providing middle-school classes (grades 5 through 7). Early in 2019 the village school committee asked BSB to help construct a good quality building, to provide safe classrooms for post-primary grades.

Employees of a Singapore-based company donated a large share of the needed funds, and volunteered to come to Burma to help start construction on a new building.  BSB planned and organized the project. The community is excited about a new building so their children can continue their education while living at home with their families.

Construction began in late 2019, with participation of volunteers from the Singapore-based company, and construction was completed in early 2020. The community is excited that their students can continue education through post-primary grades, without having to leave their home village.

Volunteers moved the old shed that once housed the local school, so a new school can be built onsite. By "move," we mean literally lifting it up and moving it out of the way. In Pwe Hnyet San village, Myanmar.