Poe Dauk Primary School

Poe Dauk is a small, poor village on the Magelar Dish coast of Burma. West of the Irrawaddy River Delta, facing the Bay of Bengal, the remote Magelar Dish has few roads and is not connected to the national electricity grid. The area can only be reached by boat from the Bay of Bengal, or during the dry season by riding motorbikes along the beach and over rough headlands.

Poe Dauk had no school, so villagers put up a very basic structure and pooled their meager resources to hire a teacher. Previously, children had to cross a creek that is dangerous in the rainy season by wobbly canoes to attend school in another village. As a result, few did.

BSB worked with the village school committee and local notables to complete a new concrete and brick building during 2014.  We also funded completion of the teacher’s secondary education. Enrollment in school doubled.