Par Khet School

A new 30’ by 60’ building was constructed for the Par Khet village school, located in Southern Shan State.

The new building provides classroom space to allow the school to add middle-school grades to what was only a primary school. This makes it easier for students to continue their education while continuing to live with their families.

About 85 students will benefit from the new classrooms.

There are currently over 180 households, and over 782 residents in this village. Villagers are mostly self-employed, relying on subsistence farming for their living. The main cash crops include avocados, potatoes, tea, and cheroots.

BSB had helped the school add to and improve its primary school buildings the previous year. That project was completed successfully, with a high level of community participation. The need for this new building, to provide classroom space for middle-school classes, became apparent, and BSB decided to go forward with this new project.

The Covid-19 pandemic began while construction was in progress, and that added challenges to completing the project. Construction was safely, successfully completed in early 2021.