Bob Abby Willis NaingNaing

Peace Corps volunteer Abby Hester with BSB Board Members Bob Cornwell and Willis Phua and Country Director Naing Lin Swe

The end of 2018 saw Build a School in Burma start a much needed 40th school with a Karenni village in a former conflict zone near the Thai border. Because there are no roads in this deeply forested area, all materials must be sourced locally or brought in on motorcycles!

With the first months of 2019, we have also begun five new schools around Myanmar, including one with an American Peace Corps Volunteer, Abby Hester (see photo). For the past two years she has been a teacher at the school. Abby's family also contributed funds for the two-story new classroom building that will expand the capacity of the bustling Thanatpin High School near Bego. The new school building will be the largest single structure BSB has built.

We hope to start another four or five schools before the end of the year, depending on quality project proposals and successful fundraising.

Thanks so much for your support!