Nat Taing School High School

Nat Taing is a village in central Myanmar, about 2.5 hours drive west of Mandalay. The population of Nat Taing and nearby villages is about 1,500. The inhabitants are mostly poor farmers and day laborers.

Nat Taing Village School is a monastic school. Many families who cannot afford to pay government school fees and buy uniforms for their children send their children to monastic schools. These schools teach the standard curriculum, and also teach Buddhist religion. Like all schools that BSB supports, Nat Taing Village Monastic School is open to students regardless of their religion, gender or ethnicity.

Two years ago BSB helped expand the school with a new building, to include high school grades, so children could continue their education while living with their families.

The building used for primary school classes (96 students, kindergarten through grade 4) had become badly deteriorated, and was unsafe, beyond repair. The school leaders asked for BSB's help to construct a new building for the primary school classes.

Construction began mid-2020, and as-of mid-December 2020 was nearly complete, with only ceiling work and painting to be done It is expected to be totally complete, ready for classes, in early January 2021.