Nam Maphwe Myitung Kone Preschool

Nam MaphweNam Maphwe Myitung comprises two villages, one of Kachin people and primarily Roman Catholic, the other ethnic Shan, and primarily Buddhist. The villages worked together with the Banmaw Local Development Organization (BLDO) and BSB to build an Early Childhood Development Center (preschool) that was successfully completed in 2013 and graduated its first class in 2014.

It is located in southern Kachin State, not far from the Chinese border and near the town of Bhamo.

This project was characterized by a comprehensive approach to early childhood development that is rare in Myanmar. The building includes a library as well as a classroom. The library is filled with books for parents about early childhood development, as well as books for parents to read to their children. BSB and BLDO financed special training for the teachers who staff the preschool, and also provide training to the parents about how to care for and stimulate the learning of their young children.

BSB hopes to use this model to turn future preschool projects into comprehensive early childhood development centers.  About 40 students currently attend.