Moe Kyo Pyit Primary School

A new building for this primary school has recently been completed (August 2019).

Moe Kyo Pyit village is located in the Ayeyarwaddy River Delta region, about 5 hours drive from Yangon.  There was no school in the village until 2014 when the government finally recognized the villagers efforts in building their own self-supporting school and hiring their own teachers. The villagers erected a temporary pole and thatch building with their own resources. This past year the government for the first time supplemented the two teachers paid by the villagers with two additional government teachers.

However, the physical condition of the wooden "home built" school is very poor, and the  new permanent building was badly needed.

There are about 80 KG to 4th Standard students in this primary school. The people are ethically Po Karen and Bamar, and all are Buddhist. They are mostly all paddy (rice) farmers and very poor. The new school is a 30' x 60' three room structure (concrete foundation, brick walls, steel truss frame and metal roof), with a two-unit toilet, tube well and water tank. The villagers contributed the land and unskilled labor, and have been deeply engaged in supporting education, the school, and this new building. BSB also installed solar electricity in the new school.

This project was made possible by the generous donations of Willis Phua and his friends and associates at Schindler Elevator Company. Willis and his associated been “hands-on” in this and other projects (see Mu Doo School).