Lwae Ngu Primary School

This village, about a four-hour drive toward the Chinese border from Lashio, Northern Shan State, is home to an ethnically diverse population, many of whom arrived due to conflict-related internal displacement. When the school needs were brought to the attention of BSB by NGO Meikswe Myanmar, one building of a needed two-building primary school replacement had been completed. Out of funds and even in debt, the village school project ground to a halt. There was no money left for furniture, toilets or a water supply. The village leader and also leader of the school replacement project said, “my house is bare because I have contributed everything” to the school.

Responding to the dire need to replace a dilapidated bamboo structure with a properly built school, BSB partnered with NGO Meikswe (Friendship) Myanmar. The project also provided desks, tables and chairs, toilets and piped water for the school.

At this time, 225 children are served. Construction was completed in early 2015 and primary school classes commenced in June 2015.

Funding was generously provided by The Asia Group