Khar Shi primary school

Khar Shi is a newly created community just north of Lashio, not far from China.  The residents are refugees from conflict near their native villages, and they have come together to live in harmony, despite speaking three different languages.

BSB was introduced to Khar Shi village by a local NGO, Meikswe Myanmar, which is helping the community organize Community Development Committees so they can set priorities as a group. So far the committees — comprised of equal numbers of women and men — include water, livelihood, and education.

The Education Committee and Meikswe Myanmar asked BSB to help with construction of a new primary school.  BSB was able to meet their request to help the children of this refugee community have a school and access to education with the help of Destination Orphanage, a Norwegian NGO.  The new school opened for classes in late 2018, with the opening celebrated in December 2018.