Kaw Bat Chan School

Kaw Bat Chan is in Bago Region, close to Kayin State. It is a five hour drive north from Yangon. The Kaw Bat Chan school currently serves 60 primary school students and 27 preschool students. Students from three smaller neighboring villages attend this school.

The existing school buildings were termite damaged and unsafe. There were no partitions, and there were too few desks. The nearest high school is 4 miles away, too far for students in this village to continue their education while staying at their family homes.

A local non profit that is helping the villagers, the Karen Women's Empowerment Group, (KWEG) asked if BSB could help - to provide a safe, good quality learning environment for the students, and classroom space for middle-school.

KWEG has worked with BSB on several projects, bringing to BSB's attention schools and communities where there is a real need, and helping to organize community support and participation.

Construction of a new 30' by 90' building began in early 2020 and was completed in summer 2020.