Karin Shin Da B

Karin Shin Da B village is near the Tavoy river, about 1 ½ hours drive from Dawei, Myanmar.  The primary school, now serving 51 students, is overcrowded, and in very poor condition.  For students to continue beyond grade 4, the nearest middle school is several miles away, and impractical for students to attend, particularly during the rainy season. With a new building the school can be expanded to include middle school grades.

The school committee asked BSB to help to construct a new school building.  Working with BSB’s country director, Naing Lin Swe, a plan was developed.  Naing’s brother lives nearby, and is helping oversee this project.

Construction began in early 2020, starting with preparation of the building site, purchasing materials, and gathering sand from the nearby river.

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Karin Shin Da B
14.320258, 98.194604
Karin Shin Da B school Replacing a dilapidated building, and adding middle school classes for the school in this remote village