Gwa Sone School

Gwa Sone is a rare situation in Rakhine state. Both Rohingya and Rakhine children attend the same school. To date, both communities have lived peacefully on the same island, with a population of more than 1800 individuals. They share the same land, water, resources and culture. BSB seeks to encourage inter-ethnic cooperation to support educating all children.

Gwa Sone is a government post primary school. The school had more than 250 students in 2018-19 school year. The existing school building was much too small to accommodate all the classes, so many classes have been conducted in cyclone shelters and houses scattered throughout the village.

The community leaders and school committee had asked their government to build a new school building, but no help had been provided. Myanmar Heart Development Organization, a local NGO, brought the need for this school building to BSB’s attention, and has been BSB’s partner in the project. Construction began in late 2019, and was completed in March 2020.  The new building is ready for the new school year, which begins in June.

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Gwa Sone School
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