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Building schools in underserved communities in Myanmar

Our Mission

Build schools in underserved communities in Burma (Myanmar) to educate children and give them a chance for a better future.

Why Myanmar (Burma)?

Myanmar is among the poorest and least educated countries in Asia. Many children lack access to education because there are no schools in their villages, a situation that drastically limits their prospects and opportunities for a better life. Realizing that an entire school could generally be built for $25,000 or less, founder Bob Cornwell was moved to create Build A School In Burma to help the children of Burma one school at a time.

How We Work

BSB engages with partner organizations in Myanmar to identify villages that need schools. A vetting process then takes place including evaluating if the village has the organization, commitment and resources to be a partner in building and then sustaining the school. If essential criteria are met, a formal proposal is solicited, funds identified and the project moves forward.

Our Team

Build a School in Burma is a volunteer, nonprofit organization that raises funds to build schools in underserved communities in Burma (Myanmar) to educate children and give them a chance for a better future. We seek to increase access to education for poor Myanmar children. A three-person Executive Committee makes final decisions with overall activities supported by a volunteer Advisory Board and a paid in-country director.

Our Schools

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Colorful Flowers Preschool: 16.942000, 96.232000
Don Ka Mar Chaung: 12.105900, 98.551000
Htee Ta Maung: 20.419000, 97.006000
Htone Gyi: 17.115000, 96.452000
Htone Gyi Post-Primary: 17.657000, 96.274000
Hway Port Primary School: 22.293600, 98.517000
Inn Ta Lu: 17.434000, 95.370000
Sahtihla Monastic School: 22.538000, 95.802000
San Chaung Lay Secondary School: 16.775361, 94.738101
Ko Lao Mogen: 10.017256, 98.511503
Lwae Ngu Primary School: 23.098000, 97.816000
Pan Kyauk Preschool & Kindergarten: 23.398732, 95.654938
Pwe Hnyet San Primary School: 16.314500, 94.531300
Pon Khet Primary School: 19.094619, 95.654657
Poe Dauk Primary School: 16.327223, 94.239553
Phara Gyi Primary School: 21.513377, 92.751786
Kyar Ni Can: 16.581800, 96.161000
Lay Ein Su: 16.939247, 95.964190
Leik Poke Gone: 17.020000, 95.407000
Mahasala Monastic School: 22.077000, 96.011000
Mann Khaung: 22.642000, 97.855000
Myin Ka Kwin: 16.366000, 94.803000
Nam Mahpwe Myitung Kone: 21.278614, 92.987501
Nan Auw: 20.518532, 99.245670
Ohn Chaung: 17.111944, 94.495278
Pain Sar: 23.141700, 97.543600
Tar Lu Pa Taw: 15.955833, 94.898333
Tar Gwa: 18.151145, 95.202761
Thit Set Kone: 18.944000, 96.444000
Nat Taing Village Monastic School: 21.937548, 95.240540
Ba Ma Dee Preschool: 12.643801, 98.802696
Moo Doo Village Primary School: 17.163420, 96.378662
Pyin Ka Doe Gone Middle School: 16.461269, 94.882851
Sa Par Thin Village Middle School: 20.972367, 95.003883
Ho Hway Village Primary School: 22.991915, 98.121857
Colorful Flowers Preschool: 16.942000, 96.232000
Colorful Flowers Preschool: 16.942000, 96.232000
Khar Shi primary school: 22.822268, 97.704079
Pane Morn primary school: 21.309971, 99.005554
Kyaung Baing school in Mon State: 15.967430, 97.724810
Gam Ngai High School: 23.504335, 93.724144
Moe Kyo Pyit Primary School: 16.510120, 94.821777
Pwe Hnyet San Middle School: 16.471885, 94.725052
Nee Ku Dee Primary School: 25.304520, 97.325569
Ho Lain Middle School: 22.568056, 97.945625
Hto Do Lay Kho school: 18.818435, 97.101353
Khampat ECCD: 23.776657, 94.144333
Taw Bot Su: 17.233324, 96.676918
Thanatpin High School: 17.292788, 96.571716
Think Ka Zar: 18.273064, 95.328537
Wone Pyat Preshool: 21.144000, 100.380000


Schools built in Burma (and counting!)


Children educated across the country


Of funds raised go to building schools

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